Getting bored in the office is another normal. She shared the photo with her friend turned boyfriend. “ why you look so beautiful?”, he said. She relooked the photo, zoomed in 100%, but she found nothing special in the photo to reclaim his words. She said, other than a new baby pimple on my face, I am the same me. “Pimples suits you, they add more to your beauty”, he affirmed.

This was not something usual she heard but loved herself a bit more.

Moral: “ love, respect someone beyond their appearances, focus on the dignity they bring to your life than flaws they add to”.

  1. “ It can’t be so simple if it demands explanation”
  2. “ Puzzles are easy to solve if they are played by someone else”
  3. “ Detachment is fun, life seems easy to live”

Background: He was in love with her, a divorcee. They had love, they had kissed and they had more love. He said he loved her. He said he will stand for her, he said he will convenience his parents for marriage.

Finally, the day came when he arranged a meeting of his parents with her, the divorcee.

He: Hi Mother, meet her.

Her: Hi aunty

Mother: Hi!! How are you doing?

Her: Good Aunty

He: Mother, I want to marry her, I love her

Mother: oh!!!

He: she is a nice girl

Mother: :)

He: Mother you want to ask…

There is always a little in my heart which I cannot share with anyone. A little that makes me alive and dead at the same time. Colossal tides can only be answered with a little courage, a little strength but still that little I cannot gather. An awful feeling stays inside for a little episode and I have again shattered into little pieces at once and a broken masterpiece next. A little if you could hold and stay a little in my heart.

A little You motivate yourself in a little hope of a little change. A little to start…


She: I need to hide my identity

I: which identity

She: Being a divorcee

I: And how come this becomes your identity

She: Nobody sees me beyond a divorcee

I: And how you see yourself?

She: As a divorcee

I: Then don’t blame others to see you the same

Moral: “Accept yourself first, as you want people to accept you”


If we are divorced that does not mean:

a) I am having affair with someone else

b) I cannot adjust or compromise

c) I am tagged to be “characterless”

d) I am to be judged for my choices

It only means:

We are two different people with two different souls, who cannot be one, if forced to be one then one has to die.

Moral: don’t let you soul die OR suicide.

Divorcee #1

She:Wish I was widow than divorcee


She: people would have empathised than judged me

Moral: magnitude of pain might be different but it hurts both ways.

I struggle to be me when I am around you

But it is we, he said

And I agreed

But in this journey of we, only me left

New Journey of Saroj Kanwar’s with her own business

Saroj Kanwar, the mother to Raj Kanwar, seven years old son, belongs to Barkasly village of Sikar District in Rajasthan and most importantly She is the Self Help Group (SHG) member of Vinayak Sawai Sahayata Samuh with 10 women members. Saroj attends meetings regularly but remains quiet. She is saving money and contributing to SHG but does not say much in the meeting and went back home.

In the recent meeting, I was sharing the way forward with the SHG that women can start a business, or if an individual wants to be an entrepreneur that will also be supported…

Binnie Thakur

“Complete with all my incompleteness” The stories are from different women I meet in my jourNey

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